Unconventional quantitative analytics to identify hidden risk.

Over 4000 companies across North America and Europe are systematically rated across 12 areas of risk.  Each rating algorithm has been refined over 10 years of real-world use to provide a differentiated framework for evaluating earnings quality, revenue sustainability, inventory composition, and capitalization trends.

On-demand qualitative analysis

Qualitative, on-demand reviews by an experienced analyst team adjust ratings for non-quantifiable factors such as restructurings, reporting changes, and textual data. The team consists of former auditors, CFAs and CPAs with extensive fundamental research experience.
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Continuous portfolio monitoring & screening tools

The power of these proprietary risk metrics are harnessed into a portfolio monitoring function providing real-time email alerts pinpointing company-specific risk within your portfolio.  Screening tools allow construction of customized filters for identification of companies to avoid, sell short, or hedge portfolio risk.

Forensic Edge box plots
unique tools for risk management

Quickly identify abnormal movements in financial statement accounts

  • Forensic Edge delivers advance visualization tools across revenue, inventory, earnings and capitalization to help you identify potential red flags in your portfolio.

earnings quality insights

Monitor the aggressiveness of non-GAAP reporting in your portfolio

  • Forensic Edge provides a deeper view into non-GAAP reporting with qualitative commentary from a team of auditors-turned-analysts.

Forensic Edge GAAP vs Non-GAAP chart
Forensic Edge box plots
expert qualitative analysis

Instantly request an expert qualitative review of any company's financials

  • Proprietary quantitative metrics are supplemented and enhanced by on-demand fundamental examinations by an experienced analyst team. Learn more.